Saturday, June 28, 2014

warping up betty ... front to back

Once my cotton arrived, I couldn't wait to warp up Betty ... but I really didn't enjoy warping up back to front for my test warp.  So I wondered if a floor loom could be warped up front to back, like I do my table loom?  There wasn't much info online (as usual!), so I thought I'd wing it (again, as usual!).

I started on the front beam, warping up the reed first:

Then the heddles:

I did make a massive mistake as well ... I was wondering why I wasn't able to weave and couldn't get a proper shed ... then (after some time) I realised that I had forgotten to put the warp over the back beam before winding on.  That wasted an hour or so, but I certainly won't be doing that again!

Here's the loom all warped up:

And my first bit of weaving!  This is actually the first time I've done plain weaving, and it's pretty fun!

This will eventually be a cotton cowl for Lily, hopefully to be (eventually) included in my shop ... I say eventually because I need a new reed before I can sell these - this reed is bent out of shape, and has created some gaps in my weaving.

I also spent last weekend tapestry weaving - here's Anita tipped on her side ;)

Doing the face has been incredibly stressful!  My tapestry technique is still not completely up to scratch, but it's getting better and better with every tapestry ... I just need years of practice!!

OK, better get on with warping up my table loom for the next scarf ;)


  1. You are so productive, and so willing to experiment. It is an inspiration. And, as I always used to say to the kids I taught, we need to make mistakes to learn. The real doozies stay with us too!

    1. Oh yes, there are plenty of things I have stuffed up that I will remember forever!! ;)