Saturday, July 5, 2014

monty don's real craft

Oh my goodness, this show is BRILLIANT!!!

I see it as a sequel to my favourite show of all time, Mastercrafts - while the latter focused on complete beginners, Monty Don's Real Craft shows 3 amateurs being mentored by a professional to see if they can make the grade in the commercial world.  It's so inspiring (especially the weaving episode!).

If you're not in the UK and can't view these, you may want to investigate ... Anita has set up my computer so I can view these (not illegal, but part of a legal grey area).

And if you want to view the entire series of Mastercrafts, here is the series on YouTube:  MASTERCRAFTS SERIES



  1. This was on abc1 a little while back, I only caught the episode on woodwork it was amazing! old crafts is a dying art. Have you ever seen Kevin McClouds man made home? it was great, I love myself a bit of Kevin McCloud in anything and just heard of his drinking game - you take a skull every time he says "Bespoke" hahaha

    1. Yes, it's been repeated a few times! I did see that Kevin McCloud special - that was pretty awesome!!