Thursday, September 25, 2014

no. 16 shuttle

So ... at nearly 40 years old, I suddenly decided I wanted a tattoo ;)

I chose the artist after finding his amazing work on Instagram - Jaya's work is amazing - he works out of Wolf & Wren Tattoo Collective - very very impressed!  Of course, this is his lovely pic ;)

This is the illustration it was based on ... though I just had to add a cheeky little bat, haa!

It's on the top of my forearm ... I wanted to see it while weaving - this pic may give you a better idea of placement:

I like the placement also because it looks different every time I move my arm - it's only straight and centered when my arm is in this position ;)

I'm probably only getting one other (on the top left arm, to balance with this one), but that's a little way off yet.  This one didn't hurt much at all ... but that may have been because the eyeliner was so painful, HA!


  1. Very cool! I am impressed that you are wearing a top with sleeves in this pic! since getting the first stage of colour on my tatt I haven't been able to put on a long sleeved shirt for over half a week. Couldn't bend the poor arm at the elbow because the tattooed skin was too tight and painful. And no, I can't do pics, it's all peely!

    I like that you added the bat! And it's cool that you chose something that means a lot to you! I think it is great to wait until you are older and know what you want!

    1. Would you believe it hasn't hurt at all? My tattoo artist suggested a regime of putting Opsite Flexigrid on the tattoo for the first 3-4 days, changing every morning - it's for healing burns and wounds, he reckons that the tattoo will bypass the itchy and sore phase ... so far he is absolutely right!!

  2. You're my hero! My husband keeps telling me it would be tacky of me to get a sewing themed tattoo... but I'm starting to feel I should ignore his words lol.

    I really really love that tattoo, and the fact that you made it completely you by adding a bat! I would totally do the same.

    1. Do it! I have seen some gorgeous scissors, needles and thread tattoos done in a beautiful Victorian style ;)

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    1. Thanks Therese, I absolutely love it!!!