Sunday, November 30, 2014

gallery opening!

So my work 'Goth Deathrock No. 4 - Anita' is now hanging in Gallery M at the Marion Cultural Centre until January 9!  Here's Anita in front of it - it's number 1 in the catalogue!! ;)

I was too shy to have a picture of myself in a crowded gallery, but here's one in the carpark!!

I'm absolutely hopeless at doing 'outfit posts' like many other bloggers do, but I gave it a go when I got home ... this is the best I could come up with:

But a small cat decided that it was all about her ...

Here's a close-up of my amazing bracelet that Anita gave me for my 40th birthday - it's from Little Sister Designs - my everyday necklace that I am wearing here is from there too!

I always say I'll try to take more outfit posts ... so I'll say it again, haa!

Right - time to take my makeup off and warp up my loom :D

Saturday, November 29, 2014

what's important?

I have had a crap couple of weeks which have actually turned into great weeks because they have taught me to look at my life differently ...

I try to see life lessons in everything.  Without going into details, something happened at work (not huge, just enough for me to think about things differently) which has made me redirect my way of thinking.  I truly believe that sometimes if life is just going along swimmingly, then you become complacent and nothing really happens!  As annoying as 'contrast' in life is (in Abraham-Hicks language, 'contrast' is being faced with what you don't want which gives you focus for what you do want!), it really does highlight what is important in life.  I need to take my artwork more seriously, I need to take my future supplementary career more seriously (and get some bloody direction!).

So this is what is important ... my tapestry 'Goth Deathrock No, 4 - Anita' will be part of the City Of Marion's end of year exhibition at Gallery M - please have a peek if you are in Adelaide, it's on from November 30 - January 9.  The framer did a great job!

And now I have finished my studies, I have more time for this:

Gotta get those cotton scarf prototypes finished!!

I was greatly inspired by Grayson Perry's 'Who Are You?' documentary, which analyses the concept of 'identity' - highly recommended!

I am still toying with the idea of studying again next year (funds permitting!), probably either a small business course, or something closely related. 

Nothing like a shake up!  And blogs are great for putting thoughts down, aren't they?  (regardless of who is reading)  ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

non-chemical bb creams

I apologise for being so slack on the 'green beauty' part of this blog - I assure you I still keep looking for great chemical-free products ... I just keep forgetting to let others know about them!

Lately my favourite products have been so-called 'BB Creams' - I have found two great ones that I'd like to share with you for a no-nasties alternative.

Aevitas Active Organics - SPF15 Anti-Ageing BB Tinted Moisturiser
I love this one especially as it is made in South Australia (I always prefer to buy local when possible!), and has SPF15, which is very important all year round in Australia ;)  I wear this sometimes with no other makeup, as it acts as a light foundation - very nice!

Lily Lolo - BB Cream
This one is made in the UK, and is also great!  The drawbacks of this one are no SPF factor, and the choice of only two colours.  I'm fine with the lightest one, but this may not be good for those paler than me. The price though is excellent - I just wear sunscreen underneath ;)

Let me know if you have come across any non-chemical BB creams!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

'homage to siouxsie no. 2' - for sale!

I completed this cross stitch the other day, and it is for sale (obviously without the watermark)!

AUD $100 unframed, or I can get it framed for you professionally for about $50 extra.
About 15 hours of stitching time!
Size is 30.4cm x 12cm (11.9" x 4.7")

If you would like one stitched in another background colour, please let me know! 

a rare car post ...

Yes, bet you're surprised to see a car post on this blog???

Last week I said goodbye to my loyal yellow Hyundai Getz - *tears* - and hello to my new Ford Fiesta - *yay!*

I've had the Getz for about 11 1/2 years, and it's been absolutely amazing!  I thought it was about time to upgrade ... mainly for the central locking and mp3 player connectivity (the IMPORTANT things, haaha!). 

If anyone is reading this and wondering why on earth I bought a yellow car in the first place, then I will explain - when driving little cars, some road users in large cars tend to cut in front of you.  As soon as I bought a brightly coloured car, that all stopped - hey presto, safer driving conditions!  I'm crossing fingers that this red is bright enough ;)