Saturday, March 21, 2015

where have i been???

HELLO!!!  Yes, I'm still alive ... and am currently working!  I'm 1 week into a temporary assignment with a government agency (my first time ever working for government) in their accounts payable section.  It's a 4 week assignment at this stage, but I'm still waiting to hear on a couple of full time permanent jobs that I have a very good chance of getting.  Who knows where I will end up??  The great thing is that where I am now have told me that they'd like me to stay longer, so if the other jobs don't work out, I can still continue there ;)

So in the last couple of months I have been doing the following:


(weaving demonstration at E For Ethel cafe)



These things have kept me positive, hopeful, and ultimately happy with my life ... sure I had my 'down' moments, but this is what kept me 80% 'up' during what was essentially a difficult period of unemployment.

Being happy is a choice!

I'll keep you posted on my adventures :)  xx