Sunday, May 17, 2015

introducing mr barnaby bear

Yes, on a whim a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take in yet ANOTHER rescue kitty.  This one was an emergency re-house, as he was being looked after by a foster family after an injury ... we couldn't resist - could you??

He's a BIG kitty ... photos didn't prepare us for how big!!  The photo above was posted by Help Save The Furry Ones ;)

We had to rename him, as they had called him Frankie ... well, there's only one Frankie in our household, haaha!  So he is now Mr Barnaby Bear - or Mr BB for short ;)

As you can see, all kitties love my loom ... even Mr BB ;)

There was much hissing and carrying-on, but I think they are all getting used to one another.  As I'm typing this, he is laying on the floor (in the same position as the photo above), and Frankie is quite close by.  She is the friendliest cat, so I'm sure they will be friends first.

Speaking of Frankie (who is half Mr BB's size!), here is my tapestry of Frankie that I finally finished: