My name's Michelle, and I use this blog as a personal journal for my various interests, and have met some fantastic people on here as a result.

You may be interested in reading this blog if you like one or more of the following:
  • Un-traditional craft:  I design cross stitch kits.
  • Woven tapestry:  I have just finished the Diploma Of Visual Art (Tapestry), and have documented my learning of this tricky technique here.
  • Weaving:  I handweave scarves on an 8 shaft Ashford table loom (see picture above!) - thus completing the 'Threefold' trilogy: cross stitch / tapestry / weaving ;)
  • Goth stuff:  By this I mean 'real' goth music ... I'm one of those annoying people that believe if you don't listen mainly to Goth music, then you're *not* a Goth.   
  • Green beauty:  For the last few years I have been consciously using skincare products and makeup which are free from chemical 'nasties'.  I love finding interesting products, as well as discovering uses for natural ingredients (such as jojoba oil as makeup remover, and rosewater as toner).
  • Random stuff:  well, all blogs contain random unrelated stuff, right? 

I love reading blogs by people who are creative, innovative and interesting - please feel free to introduce yourself!