I have been obsessed with goth/deathrock music since I was about 15 (nearly 23 years ago!) … and not much has changed ;)

I co-host Shadowplay with my partner Anita Nervosa, playing goth, deathrock and darkwave music. Shadowplay was formerly Blood & Black Dahlias, and started in Adelaide on local radio station Three D Radio in 1996. I have been co-hosting since December 2008, and we moved to Cathedral 13 online radio in September 2011 to appeal to a wider audience. Shadowplay is a weekly show, broadcasting every Sunday right here.

In December 2011 I started a solo show on Cathedral 13: Cannibal Roses. This is my outlet for my other musical loves - coldwave and dark post-punk. Cannibal Roses is a monthly show, and broadcasts every Saturday right here.

Being a goth is all about the MUSIC – there are a lot of ‘real goths’ out there who love and support goth music, but who don’t necessarily 'look the part'. In my opinion, they are a million times more goth than people who just like dressing up and reading vampire novels, heh :P

If you want to know more about goth music, you can listen to Shadowplay podcasts on our blog.